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Dubart Photography and Nigel Nixon
Nigel NixonHaving studied and enjoyed photography for years I jumped at the chance to try a new challenge while looking for work abroad. An innocent enough shot of a Beetle found abandoned right in the middle of Australia near Ayers rock struck me as something completely different, with its door left open, headlights kicked in and left at the side of a road that seemed to go on forever, could this bug tell a tale or two? My next destination was New Zealand, six weeks of racing around the south island trying to take it all in. I found myself on the back road from lake Wanaka to Queenstown taking in the Crown Range with its truly amazing views. On the way out of Queenstown I passed an orange and white split screen van going the other way, two minutes later I thought how good the van would look at the top of the Crown Range... I spent an hour driving round with no luck and the next day calling all the campsites asking for an old VW - again no luck, undeterred I went back to Queenstown the next day and who should stop at the zebra crossing to let me across - that van! Trying not to appear too nutty I flagged the couple down and asked if I could take some pictures. They were a young kiwi couple on their honeymoon and the van was his wedding present to her! Using my powers of persuasion (a meal for two+loads of pics) we met at the top of the Crown Range and took the shots. The extreme light from the New Zealand midday sun helped create the striking effect of these images and once back home I couldn't wait to get them printed.

During a summer of VW shows the shots have been very popular and have proved that there's plenty of life in black and white film, a theme I aim to continue, hopefully with some cool extreme sports pics .

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